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 A-B-Cheeeese! is a found-photo collection of children doing what children do best, smiling and laughing for the camera. The photos challenge the usual "A is for Apple" fare in this nostalgic children's book. Here, C is for Curious, H is for Hello and P is for Piñata!


Curated to provoke conversation, 

A-B-Cheeeese! is as entertaining for kids as it is for parents reading alongside and explaining that the blue thing with a chord in "H is for Hello" is what a telephone used to look like. The book takes us on a journey to explore a bygone time when the people and objects in a photo held as much of an intriguing importance as the physical photographs themselves.



B is for Biographies!

Husband and wife, Paul and Sarah Schiek thought up A-B-Cheeeese!  after their daughter, Rosary, was born.  Both have a natural affinity for the arts, Paul a photo editor and book publisher, Sarah a hair stylist and art collector, they were surprised at the lack of children's books with a focus on photography. So began the weekend trips to flea markets in search of the wonderful photos of children that would eventually make up the book...after a while they had many, many photos and a good edit but they needed a top notch came their friend Jason...



Jason Munn is an accomplished designer known best for his iconic rock posters, print work, and signature style.

He's also a long time friend of Paul and Sarah that can now add the title of Godfather to Rosary Schiek, and designer of A-B-Cheeeese! to his resume.

Jason's clever and clean type style lends itself quite nicely to the genre of children's books, and his playful use of color brings out the fun and excitement in each of the photos and scenes found in the book!



C is for Click! 

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